The Magic of Pain

Hello Movers!

Yesterday’s session was wonderful.  One of the ladies who joined us shared some powerful stuff about her journey through life.

Her story opened with the Magic she experienced when she first moved to Asheville.  But later, a life-threatening accident led to several broken bones and a stroke before the age of 30.  It left her with pain in her legs and arms and took her language.  But it did not break her spirit.  She talked to me of how she is finding strength as she regains her independence.  She shared that dance and movement is a big part of her personal therapy and that is why she joined VEDA Studios.

Now as you all know, I read stories told by generations from Africa, North America and sometimes Ireland or China.  I just opened the book and read the first story that jumped out at me.  Our story yesterday was The Quarrel Between Earth and Sky.  It was about Vulture and how he went to the Sky to plead for rain so the people’s crops would flourish and they would return to health.  Vulture was successful in getting Sky to feel for the people and gave him a message of rain wrapped up in coco-yam leaves to return to the people with.

Vulture accidentally tore it open with his talons and the rain poured out.  But there was more rain that poured down.  He decided he didn’t need to return with the message and flew toward a fire he saw off in the distance.  This fire was started by a man who had made a sacrifice in hopes Sky would take pity and send rain.  Vulture warmed himself by the fire and fed on the leftovers of the sacrificed animal.

I am so blessed to have heard both stories as they shed some light on some of my own challenges.We all have a story full of struggles, tragedy, and fears.  But we have each other to share with, to learn from, to be comforted by.

This week’s LilaDance! session was a reminder that we all have our painful stories.  But they make way for our new story full of beauty, growth and magic.




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